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Arts-based solutions to complex problems.


From our advocacy efforts and the 2006 Pima Cultural Plan, two initiatives emerged with significant potential for impact in our community:

  • The Arts, Cultural, and Natural Spaces Facilities Initiative.
  • The Arts and Cultural Learning Initiative.

Arts, Cultural, and National Spaces Facilities Initiative

How can the The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona partner with the City of Tucson and other public agencies and private developers to identify, preserve and animate affordable public-owned spaces for arts and culture?

This initiative builds off of some of The Arts Foundation’s earlier work within art placemaking and art placekeeping.

The Arts Foundation published the community-based Pima Cultural Plan, setting an overarching goal to advance the growth and expansion of performance, exhibit, studio, rehearsal, instruction, office, storage, incubator, and cultural business space.

Dozens of arts and cultural organizations are in need of affordable space in the context of our local economy. We are partnering with the city, county, business and community leaders, and local philanthropy to identity and leverage resources to address the goal.

“Societies never know it, but the war of an artist with his society is a lover’s war, and he does, at his best, what lovers do, which is to reveal the beloved to himself and, with that revelation, to make freedom real.”

– James Baldwin

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Arts & Cultural Learning Initiative

When did the arts become only an elective or after school program?

We believe the arts are integral to a well-rounded education. The Arts Foundation is focused on bringing real solutions to support arts education. We are currently developing a series of forums to bring together artists, organizations, social scientists, and educators to address this issue jointly. Over the next year, our goal is to facilitate an ongoing conversation around arts education, to put together a solid understanding of our community’s needs, and imagine new partnerships. The plan is to have these conversations inform a larger convening in late 2017.

We will be posting dates and more detailed information soon. Please visit our Contact Us page to stay informed on these initiatives.

“Our responsibility is not to teach kids what they already know, where they know it, but to build bridges … that make that local knowledge relevant for them and for us all.”

– Maribel Alvarez, Associate Research Professor in the School of Anthropology and Associate Research Social Scientist at the Southwest Center, University of Arizona



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