Call To Artists: Mike Jacob Sportspark

Call to Artists: Mike Jacob Sportspark Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Tucson, Arizona

Budget for Artwork: $18,000

Application Deadline: Oct. 25th 2017


Project Description

The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona in collaboration with the Pima County Natural Resources, and Parks and Recreation Department is seeking an artist or artist team to create design/fabricate/install art work as a façade to the block pillar of the entrance sign. The art work will need to incorperate the name of the park. The pillar is 8X8X16 smooth face CMU column supporting entry sign with electrical conduit run to the pillar (see design plans). Additional individual free standing art pieces that reflect a theme of a sports complex that provides a varitiy of activities for both youth and adults if budget allows. Budget reflects design, fabrication and installation.


The Michael Jacob Sports Park is located at 6901 N. Casa Grande Highway (south of Ina & I-10 Interchange). The Mike Jacobs Sports Park Facility was built in 1984 and has been operating in place via an external operator without significant upgrades for at least 23 years,

The park consists of 50 acres with current amenities of six adult lighted softball fields, a batting area, two playgrounds, two restrooms locations, one lit multi-purpose turf field, four sand volleyball courts, two concession areas, a sports operation office, a maintenance compound, unlit parking, and a separate BMX track operated by an outside private vendor.

Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Department had a facilities condition report completed and have identified key items that need to be corrected/improved. As part of this project a 1% art budget has been allocated.

Opportunities for Art

The project is divided into two distinct opportunities for artwork. The first opportunity is for the design, fabrication, and installation of an art façade entry sign utilizing the preinstalled block pillar.(Please see attached diagrams)

The second opportunity is for the design, fabrication, and installation of standalone art pieces.

Art Budget

The budget of $18,000 for art must cover all costs related to design, materials, production, transportation and installation of the artwork, as well as costs for permits, taxes, and insurance that may be required by Pima County. This may include soil analysis, engineering, and footer for the stand-alone art pieces.

Project Stats

  • Entrance pillar(s)
  • Standalone art pieces

Public Interface and Expectations

The selected artist will work with the Project Manager, the Project Architect, the Project Design Team, and the Public Art Manager. The artist must meet with the Project Panel organized by the Arts Foundation for review, comment, and approval of the design before entering into production of the artwork. The artist is also required to attend up to two public/open house meetings.

Selection Process

A panel composed of members of the Project Design team, artists, arts professional, and community members will select up to three finalists from the applicants to the open competitive call. Presentations by finalists are tentatively scheduled for late November 2017. If preliminary designs are required by the panel, each finalist will receive a $100 honorarium for a preliminary design specifically for the project. Finalists that do not present a preliminary design will not be awarded the honorarium. The Arts Foundation is unable to pay travel expenses at this time.

Time frame

Please note: Public art project schedules follow the schedule of the larger improvement. This schedule presented below is tentative and most likely to be modified.

  • Call to artist posted Sept. 25th 2017
  • Application Deadline Oct. 25th 2017
  • 1st Art Panel Meeting to select 3 finalists Early Nov. 2017
  • 2nd Art Panel Meeting, Finalists Interviews Late Nov. 2017
  • Approval/Contract Process Dec. 2017
  • Art Production – Installation May. 2018

For more information, contact Jeff DaCosta at or by phone at (520)351-9864.

Due October 25, 2017
Issued September 25, 2017
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