Call To Youth Artists: Summer 2017 PAG Youth Art Project

Summer 2017 PAG Youth Art Project

Deadline: May 19, 2017

Project Description

The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona, in partnership with Tucson Department of Transportation, Tucson City Council, and Pima Association of Governments (PAG), is seeking to hire eight youth artists between the ages of 16 to 18 and one youth assistant age 18-19 to assist and learn from a professional artist in the design and production of public art this summer. The project is expected to begin in early June and continue through to the end of July.

Selected youth will be paid at a rate slightly higher than minimum wage. Interested youth must complete the attached application and upload it through the online application site hosted by Submittable. Applications will be reviewed by a team including the artist, City of Tucson, and Arts Foundation representatives. Interviews may follow review of application materials.


Artwork Theme and Location

This year’s project will be for the creation of two murals to be sited in the City of Tucson’s Ward 5 jurisdiction. The Council Member has chosen two locations for this proposed artwork. The first location is at Quincy Douglas Center/Park on the northwest corner of 36th St. and Kino Parkway. The second is near the Ward 5 Office on Fair and Park Ave. The two murals are to represent military members from the area and a mural of the Buffalo Soldiers. Both themes represent the deep military history and rich culture of the area. The artwork will be designed with the student workers hired for the project.



The goal of the project is to provide youth with an opportunity to be employed and participate in all phases of the design and creation of a public artwork under the guidance of a professional artist. The outcome will be artwork of a quality comparable to current public art standards with the teaching artist serving as a mentor to youth artists.


Work Site Location

The artwork design and production will take place primarily in the studio of the artist. This site will be insured and safe. The youth must be able to travel to the determined work site in the same manner as traveling to any job site; walk, drive, bus, bike or family rides.


Project Work Hours 

Early June through to the end of July 2017, Monday through Friday; roughly (legal holidays excepted), 8:00 a.m. – 12:30  p.m. for 4.5 hours per day.


Minimum Youth Artist Requirements

  • Age 16 to 18.
  • Demonstrated interest in art.
  • Transportation to and from the work site.
  • Current enrollment in high school.


Minimum  Assistant Requirements

  • Age  18-19.
  • Demonstrated interest in art.
  • Transportation to and from the work site.


For more information contact Public Art Manager, Jeff DaCosta at or by phone at (520)351-9864.


Application Process  

The Application process is entirely online through Submittable. Youth Artist applicants must provide the following information and materials by May 19, 2017:

  1. Completed PAG 2017 Youth Artist Application Form.
  2. Portfolio demonstrating five examples of recent artwork of any media presented as digital images. If you have not yet created any art works, please carefully explain why you would be interested to learn and participate in this project.
  3. Statement of interest (approximately 150 to 200 words) describing why you would like to be part of the project and what you believe you can contribute.
  4. Signed letter of recommendation from an art teacher or other qualified adult. This can be brief with contact information if there are questions.
Due April 27, 2017
Issued March 27, 2017
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