ARTISTORIES: Randy Young Villegas
By: Lauren Bays
Media / January 20, 2020

ARTISTORIES: Randy Young Villegas

Artistories on KXCI – January 20, 2020

Randy Young Villegas — La Tierra del Jaguar

Randy Young Villegas with jaguar mask art

In this episode of Artistories, Randy Young Villegas tells us about the convergence of his artistic and conservation journeys, culminating in the founding and directing of a non-profit conservation organization called La Tierra del Jaguar. Sacrificing and liberating different parts of his being at different points in his lifetime make spreading the spirit of the jaguar that much more meaningful. We talk about the history and the significance of the jaguar  in our borderlands, and the essential bond to nature that can help make regenerative landscape restoration, natural building techniques, and agricultural processes more mainstream. Randy talks about sculpture, (including his time at Sculpture Resource Center), meaning, murals, community, courage, and more. He talks about  a childhood rich with art, working as a master mechanic, working for the Arizona Trail Association, managing a jaguar reserve in Mexico for the Northern Jaguar Project, creating a sustainable homestead and the dream of scaling it into La Tierra del Jaguar. We talk about using murals as a way to engage communities, partnering with nature versus an antagonistic relationship with nature and our survival in the face of climate change. Randy speaks courageously about how loss motivated him to finally face his fear of asking for help. To really appreciate the depth and intimacy of this interview, you have to listen to the full-length podcast by hitting play above (link to the mini below). The last story is unmissable; a near-death adventure in which Randy and photographer Brendon Kahn face a brutal storm over night in the Macaw cliffs of Northern Mexico.

Listen to the full Artistories Mini Program about Randy Young Villegas here!

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