ARTISTORIES: Teresa Truelsen
By: Lauren Bays
Media / April 14, 2020

ARTISTORIES: Teresa Truelsen

Artistories on KXCI – April 13, 2020

Teresa Truelsen — Children’s Museum Tucson

Teresa Truelsen

In this episode of Artistories, we hear from Teresa Truelsen, Director of Marketing at the Children’s Museum Tucson. (Our listeners may notice that this recording sounds a little different than usual. That’s because the KXCI studios are closed in response to CDC guidelines. That said, we’re still working around the clock to prepare new content, so this episode of Aristories was recorded remotely–both Teresa and I recorded from our respective homes. I want to thank all of our listeners for your continued support as we fine-tune.) Teresa tells us about what the staff of the Children’s Museum have been up tp while it has been closed to the public, including exhibit upgrades, posting staff-made content on social media and re-evaluating. Teresa also talks about a family that really exemplifies the value of having the Children’s Museum in our community and how when they were surprised with twin girls, the museum helped them learn how to parent and got their kids kindergarten-ready.  She also tells us a bit about how the Children’s Museum of Tucson came to be, the struggles it’s going through now and how people can help support the Children’s Museum now and when they re-open. (Evening of Play is a night when adults get to drink, eat and enjoy the museum like children–FUN.)

Listen to the full Artistories Mini Program about Teresa Truelsen here!

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