Artist Roster

A standing list of pre-qualified artists who work in public art. The roster is used as an optional tool through which a community review panel for qualifying public art projects can select artists to present their work.

Budget for Artwork: $50,000 and below

Application Deadline: Rolling

Project Description: The Artist Roster for Public Art

The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona invites artists to apply to be a part of the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona’s Artist Roster for Public Art.

What It Is: The Artist Roster is a standing list of pre-qualified artists that work in public art. It is an optional artist selection process for 1 percent for art public art projects with budgets that do not exceed $50,000. The Roster has a rolling application process, allowing artists to join the apply to be added to the roster on an ongoing basis. 

When It Is Used: The Artist Roster is only an option for small budget Public Art projects ($50,000 or less). It is an alternative artist selection process used to expedite low-budget projects, and not all projects under $50,000 utilize the list. The City or County has the discretion of using the roster provided it meets the budget criteria.

How It Is Used: The Artist Roster will be reviewed by a project specific, seven-member panel comprised of community members, city/county employees, artists, and arts professionals. The panel for each project for which the roster is being used selects three finalists from the roster for interviews and presentations, after which an artist is selected.

How to Apply: Please click here for the link that will take you to the online application portal:

 Public Art Roster Application

You will be asked to provide up to 10 images of recent work, a CV (resume), and an Artist Bio. Applications are online through the submittable portal only. Applications received via email or mail will not be accepted. Approval for the Artist Roster is done by the AFTSA’s Public Art and Community Design (PACD) Committee on the second Wednesday of every month. The artist will be notified after their application has been reviewed as to whether they have been accepted to the roster.

Artists approved for addition to the Artist Roster will be on the roster for a term of two years. Four months prior to their two-year term limit, they will be contacted via email to fill out a short form confirming their desire to either remain on the Roster – with the option to update their portfolio – or to remove themselves from the Roster.


Public Art Artist Roster (to date, Winter 2018-2019)

1. Aguirre, Jose
2. Alves, Hilton
3. Andrews, Jennifer
4. Ascheim, Deborah
5. Babcock, May
6. Balk, Ellie
7. Beasi, Tiffany
8. Bergeron, Dan
9. Boak, John
10. BonSignore, John
11. Borgia-Aberle, Nina
12. Bright-Stubblefield, Tamika
13. Brill, Curt
14. Burke, Nick
15. Butler, Jason
16. Calzada, Paz de la
17. Christenson, Ryan – ARCY
18. Christiansen, John
19. Clement, Caryl
20. Coker, Kelsie
21. Contractor, Donna
22. Crain, Joyce
23. Delgado, Robert L.
24. Diaz, Daniel Martin
25. Donovan, Simon and Olmstead, Bed
26. Egerton, Spencer
27. Eisner, Peter
28. Faducci LLC
29. Fairfield, Stephen
30. Filipiak, Scott
31. Fleck, Michelle
32. Flynn, David
33. Franco, Gina E.
34. Frelin, Adam
35. Galczenski, Marian
36. Garza, Frank
37. Geckler, Megan
38. Geller, Mathew
39. Geoffrion, Moira
40. Ghazi, Ghazal
41. Gjurasic, Lex
42. Glann, Al
43. Hatton, Joe
44. Heveri, Alex
45. Hornung, Daniel – 20 Digit Design
46. Hussey, Aron
47. Johnson, Susan Kay
48. Jonathan Brown Art & Design
49. Jorgensen, Amy
50. Karol, Fitzhugh
51. Keiser, To-Ree-Nee Wolf
52. Kennedy, Asa
53. Kennedy, Libby
54. Kimme-Hea, Stephen
55. Kloth, Michael
56. Kornfield, Douglas
57. Krivanek+Breaux / Art+Design
58. Lasko, Katrina
59. Lihatsh, Zach
60. Lowe, Lynn Rae
61. Lupiani, Joe
62. Mani, Sukaya
63. Manemann, Janine Hart
64. Marino-Heidel, Angelina
65. McConnell, Mike
66. McNearney, Christina
67. Meador, James
68. Melville, Maureen
69. Mihalic, Falon
70. Miller, Cynthia
71. Moleiro, Leonardo
72. Moore, Daniel
73. Morrison, Deedee
74. Morrisroe, Julia
75. Neiman, Troy
76. Nestler, Sunny
77. Novelli, Amy
78. Ozieri, Tidi
79. Porcari, Laurel
80. Ramanathan, Chitra
81. Richardson, Henry
82. Riley, Robin
83. Roberts, Gail
84. Sake, Hank and Patterson, Cynthia
85. Schirack, Tim and Slick, Rachel
86. Schoon, Greg
87. Scott, Marsh
88. Selig, Colin
89. Shaver, Marvin
90. Shelton, Doug
91. Shin, Gary Todd
92. Solano, Casto
93. Sotelo, Mano and Ruben, Moreno
94. Stratford, Herb
95. Stratman, Jennyfer
96. Stoller, Roger
97. Tanz, Chris
98. Tashima, Hirotsune
99. Tetlak, Jason
100. The Color Dreamers
101. The Milligan Studio
102. Thompson, Tebecca
103. Toro, Dan
104. Tracy, Markus
105. Urban Rock Designs
106. Velez, Gustavo
107. Velo, Kathleen
108. Vergara, Miguel del Rey
109. Ving, Victor – Greetings Tour
110. Willfors, Pontus
111. Wink, Susan
112. Wright, Carl
113. Zeslon, Hilary


1% for Public Art: Public Art Projects Utilized by Artists on the Roster
Completed since 2012
2012 Centennial Elementary Transportation Enhancement Project – Moira Geoffrion, County
2013 Pantano River Park Project – Joe Lupiani, County
2014 Sabino High School Project – Jason Butler, County
2015 Northwest Neighborhood Project – Troy Neiman, City
2015 Los Reales Landfill Project – Troy Neiman, City
2016 Summit View Elementary, Safe Routes to School Project – Nina Borgia-Aberle, County
2018 Rio Vista Elementary, Safe Routes to School Project – Rachel Slick and Tim Schirack, City


Public Art Roster Application

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