CTA: Kino South Sports Complex

Call to Artists: Kino South Sports Complex

Pima County Stadium District – Tucson, Arizona

Budget for Artwork: $135,000 

Application Deadline: December 12, 2018


Project Description

The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona in collaboration with the Pima County Stadium District are seeking an artist or artist team to create/design/fabricate/install art work that encompasses multi-sport themed elements into art work at the future Kino South Sports Complex. It is preferred for the design to provide shade for users of the facility in some fashion without impeding the functionality. Budget reflects design, fabrication and installation.



In 2014, Pima County purchased 167 acres of vacant land for development of a regional tournament facility for a variety of long-field sports and other sport uses. The site is adjacent to the existing Kino Sports Complex, south of Interstate 10 (I-10) between Benson Highway and 1-10 at Kino Boulevard.

Regional and national sports competitions generate millions of dollars in sales and tax revenues. However, large tournaments are rare in Pima County. Local soccer teams routinely travel to Maricopa County to compete in various soccer tournaments due to the lack of local fields for these types of competitions.

The existing Kino Sports Complex, lying north of I-10, attracts dozens of large-scale events and tournaments. The complex is home to FC Tucson, a minor league soccer team, and provides spring training facilities for several national and international baseball teams. The site can transition from event space to baseball diamonds to long fields, accommodating various users.

Despite the flexibility provided at the existing Kino Sports Complex, the facilities are inadequate to host regional long-field tournaments. The County purchased the 167-acre site south of the existing Kino Sports Complex to develop such additional facilities to address this gap. The SFA has continued to work with the data collected from regional sports teams, managers, owners, and promoters to develop a pro forma and economic impact analysis of the future facility to determine viability and identify the mix of uses with the greatest potential to produce revenues. That information guided the concept development of the site completed by The Planning Center last year. These planning efforts also showed that the centralization of long-field sports in the Kino Sports South Complex would allow additional expansion opportunities for baseball, as well as for regional softball in the northern complex.

As part of this project, The Pima County Stadium District has a 1% art budget allocated for Public Art.


Opportunities for Art

Kino South Sports Complex’s Multi-Sport Shade Elements opportunity is for the design, fabrication, and installation of art at the future Kino South Sports Complex which is currently under design and construction. The site is adjacent to the existing Kino Sports Complex, south of I-10 between Benson Highway and 1-10 at Kino Boulevard.


Art Budget

The art budget of $135,000 must cover all costs related to design, materials, production, transportation and installation of the artwork, as well as costs for permits, taxes, and insurance that may be required by Pima County. This may include soil analysis, engineering, and footer for the art pieces.


Project Layout

Existing Art Piece at Kino North Complex


Examples of Themed Shade Structures


Public Interface and Expectations

The selected artist will work with the Stadium District Director, Project Manager, the Project Design Team, the Project Construction Team, and the Public Art Manager. The artist must meet with the Project Panel organized by the Arts Foundation for review, comment, and approval of the design before entering into production of the artwork. The artist is also required to attend up to two public/open house meetings.


Selection Process

A panel composed of members of the Stadium District, Project Design team, artists, arts professional, and community members will select up to three finalists from the applicants to the open competitive call. Presentations by finalists are tentatively scheduled for early January 2019. If preliminary designs are required by the panel, each finalist will receive a $100 honorarium for a preliminary design specifically for the project. Finalists that do not present a preliminary design will not be awarded the honorarium. The Arts Foundation is unable to pay travel expenses at this time.


Time Frame

Please note: Public art project schedules follow the schedule of the larger improvement. This schedule presented below is tentative and most likely to be modified.

Call to Artist Posted: November 12, 2018

Application Deadline: December 12, 2018

1st Art Panel Meeting to Select 3 Finalists: December 15, 2018

2nd Art Panel Meeting, Finalists Interviews: January 15, 2019

Approval/Contract Process: February 2019

Art Production – Installation: September 2019


For more information, contact Jeff DaCosta at jdacosta@artsfoundtucson.org or by
phone at (520) 460-4506.

Due December 12, 2018
Issued November 12, 2018
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