CTA: Roger Road Public Art Project

Call to Artists/Teams for Public Art:

Roger Road Public Art Project


City of Tucson, Arizona

Department of Transportation

Budget for Artwork: $ 31,520
Application Deadline:
Nov. 26, 2019

Submissions are accepted online only. See additional details in the Application Procedure Section below.


Project Description: 

The City of Tucson is seeking an artist, artist(s) or an artist team to join a multi-talented group of roadway engineering planners/designers, landscape design architects, traffic engineers, drainage engineers, plus other engineers and technical specialists engaged in geological, materials, utilities, rights-of-way and environmental work to create public art in connection with this major project work. The improvements will provide complete and connected sidewalks on both sides of the road for 1.5 miles from Oracle Road to Romero Road, enhanced street crossings, street lighting, and landscaping for shade.



The design plans are currently under development. Construction of the roadway is anticipated to begin in late 2020 and will take at least a year or so to complete.


Art Location Opportunities: 

Art pieces may possibly be situated at the following locations: Along the north side of Roger Road between Fairview Avenue and Tuttle Avenue, along the north side of Roger Road between Flowing Wells Road and Pomona Road, or possibly at a yet unidentified location along this specified route.



The artwork design timeline for the artist/teamwork is expected to begin in January 2020 with art installation anticipated before completion of project construction in late 2020/early 2021. The selected artist should be prepared to immediately begin working with the selection panel once legally under contract to the City.



All interested artists are encouraged and invited to apply. Artists previously experienced working with roadway design teams and who currently possess the capacity to deliver the results of a long-term project are of particular interest to the panel.


Art Budget: 

The budget of $31,520 must cover all costs related to design, materials, production, transportation and installation of the artwork, plus costs for all permits, taxes, and insurance that may be required by the City of Tucson, Pima County, or the State of Arizona.



The selected artist is expected to attend up to three public meetings during the design process in addition to meeting with the design team, potentially monthly, throughout the design process. The artist must meet with the Project Panel organized by the Arts Foundation for review, comments, and approval of the design before officially beginning artwork production.


Selection Process: 

An artist panel, composed of technical project professionals, professional and amateur artists, as well as local community members, will select up to three finalists, based upon qualifications as demonstrated through their materials submitted in the call to artists. Interviews with finalists will be scheduled once the three finalists are determined. If preliminary designs are required, each finalist will receive a $100.00 honorarium for the development of the preliminary proposal and will be expected to present their proposals during the interview. If preliminary designs are not required, the finalists will be requested to present samples of their past work results and an honorarium will not be provided. The Arts Foundation is unable to pay travel expenses.

Calls to Artists issued by the Arts Foundation are available on our website at http://artsfoundtucson.org/artists-organizations/opportunities/  Internet access is available at all public libraries. Artists may sign up to receive email notification of public art opportunities offered through the Arts Foundation at http://artsfoundtucson.org/about/.


Application Procedure: 

Please follow the instructions below. The Arts Foundation reserves the right to reject any or all applications not following the stated instructions.

Online Application Procedure.

Artists applying for this commission must submit the following materials online through the application host Submittable. Please click on the link below to apply.


The following materials are required

  1. Bio and Body of Work Content, a short, simple, video, no longer than three (3) minutes in length covering your personal background and body of work. This video will not be assessed on the production quality of the video – please feel free to use the video function on your phone – it is the information that you discus and how it relates to your portfolio images that will be considered by the panel. There are many ways to film a short video; you can film a video on a digital camera, your cell phone, or a webcam on a computer. Feel free to incorporate other images or examples you might have. Videos may be uploaded as a file or linked from a video hosting site (such as Youtube or Vimeo) by a URL in the Submittable application portal.
  2. Résumé, not to exceed 2 pages, which highlights pertinent experience. If applying as a team, limit each team member resume to 1 page.  Do not include portrait photographs in the resume.  Most all file formats are accepted including DOC, TXT, RTF, PDF.
  3. Image List, organized to correspond with the image order, identifying each artwork by artist, title, year completed, medium, dimensions, and a brief description, but not to exceed 1 page in length. Most all file formats are accepted including DOC, TXT, RTF, PDF.
  4. 10 digital images of artwork in JPG file format. Teams must adhere to the total of ten images for the team application. Individual files should be named to correspond to the image list requested below. The JPG file names must include the artist name, an image number, and the image title. A suggested convention for naming the files starts with your last name followed by a number (1-8) and then a brief title of the artwork (Example: Jones-1-Freeflight.jpg).

Receipt. Submittable will send you an email acknowledgement receipt, within 48 hours


Online Application Deadline: Nov. 26, 2019

Timeline (Please note: The schedule below is tentative, as capital improvement project schedules typically have many variables that influence when tasks may be able to start and finish)

  • Call to Artists Issue Date: Oct. 28, 2019
  • Application Deadline: Nov. 26, 2019
  • Selection Process: Dec. 2019-Jan. 2020
  • Approval and Contracting: Jan. 2020
  • Artwork Design: Jan.- Apr. 2020
  • Production and Installation: Dec. 2020


For more information, contact Jeff DaCosta at (520) 460-4506 or jdacosta@artsfoundtucson.org .

Due November 26, 2019
Issued October 28, 2019
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