Color Palette of the Month – MAY: Edmundo “Newjack” Canto
By: Jenea Sanchez
EXTRA! EXTRA! / May 5, 2022

Color Palette of the Month – MAY: Edmundo “Newjack” Canto

🎨Introducing our Color Palette of the Month artist, Edmundo “Newjack” Canto!


New Color Palettes will be presented at the start of each month and implemented in social media graphics, blog posts, and monthly newsletters, creating sense of excitement and celebration around artist’s work through color and design.

Artwork Title: The Classifieds
Medium: Screenprint
Year: 2019

“The Classifieds is an original illustration inspired by the ads on the back of comics and my love of Lucha Libre.
My approach to selecting color palettes is heavily influenced by the medium of screen printing and the limitations of the process. I’m very inspired by mid-century design and comic books. Those designers often had a limited color palettes due to the limitations of their print production budget. They kept to a minimal color palette by necessity, not by choice. But in that choice it gave them the opportunity to explore some very unique options. My approach is very similar as I design, color separate, and print everything by hand. I try to maximize and get the most out of the colors I have by using those same rules. Screen printing allows me to use color in so many different ways. From fluorescent ink to transparent ink that overlaps to create secondary colors. I find those limitations help me to develop a consistent style, while allowing me to explore the interaction of color.”

-Edmundo “Newjack” Canto


Edmundo Canto, or better known by his alias Newjack, is a graphic designer based in Tucson, Arizona. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Visual Communications. Taking inspiration from everything, Edmundo’s current work focuses on screenprinting, photography, and sign painting, all aimed at maintaining a strong visual context and sense of simplicity.


En Español:

Presentamos a nuestro artista de la Paleta de Colores del Mes, Edmundo “Newjack” Canto!
Título de la obra: The Classifieds
Técnica: serigrafía
Año: 2019

“The Classifieds es una ilustración original inspirada en los anuncios de la parte trasera de los cómics y en mi afición a la Lucha Libre.
Mi enfoque a la hora de seleccionar las paletas de colores está muy influenciado por el medio de la serigrafía y las limitaciones del proceso. Me inspiran mucho el diseño de mediados de siglo y los cómics. Esos diseñadores solían tener una paleta de colores limitada debido a las limitaciones de su presupuesto de producción de impresión. Mantenían una paleta de colores mínima por necesidad, no por elección. Pero esa elección les daba la oportunidad de explorar algunas opciones muy singulares. Mi enfoque es muy similar, ya que diseño, separo el color e imprimo todo a mano.”

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