Aaron Lochert

Tucson Native Cinematographer and Colorist
About Aaron Lochert

Born and bred in Tucson, AZ, Aaron Lochert is a working cinematographer and colorist. He works primarily in narrative film but also commercial and documentary as well. Born to a photographer, his understandings of lighting and composition were only natural. As he aged, his love of movies grew and grew and these concepts helped him on his his natural transition to motion picture. When he's not working, he finds artistic inspiration from music, movies, television, video games, and travel.

Aaron Lochert
Preferred Pronouns: He/Him
Cinematography and Color Reel

A short collection of work from films I’ve shot over the years. I’ve also worked as my own colorist on these films, so this serves as my color reel as well.

There’s too many names to credit for the amount of hands involved in all these films, but I’d like to quickly shout out the directors of the films featured, Allie Rickards (Waiting for Vienna), Hannah Akins (Porchlight), Diego Dorame (Better in Color), Jet Guido (Dead Meat), and Thomas Jernigan (Lament). Also a big shout out to my camera team: Pancho Ortiz, Hannah Sweet, Mason Day, Ben Weinstein, Neil Schwartz, and my lighting folks: Joel Romero, Jared Grady, Matthew Ramirez, and Matthew Potwardowski.

It takes a village.

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