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Nyx was born in a small town in Wyoming. Drawing with her mom used to be a fun activity. When she was eight years old, a few weeks before Christmas, her mom committed suicide. That was the day her whole world changed. Everyone treated her differently, no one knew what to say, and many ostracized her. Drawing became an escape.

In her twenties, Nyx married and had two small children. She was then struck with a devastating disability, a constant migraine. This was the second time her world completely fell apart. Her husband left her because of it and continuously took her to court to try and take away her children. While she was trying to raise her family, she was dealing with constant pain, memory loss, and many other obstacles. Again, she was alone and drawing became the only way to communicate.

When her children went to college, they took her with them. She and her daughter went to Community College of Southern Nevada, where she obtained an Associate of Arts degree. Nyx and her son later went to the University of Arizona, where she got her Bachelor's degree and created the Grey Door Gallery. She now considers Tucson home, and art has become her life.

Preferred Pronouns: she/her
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