Bryan-Mikhail Riggs

I have my own business, in which I make jewelry. I use real gemstones like pearls, tiger eyes, moonstone and many more.
About Bryan-Mikhail Riggs
Bryan-Mikhail Riggs
Preferred Pronouns: he, him
Apple Jade, Smoky Quartz, and Tiger’s Eye, 2022
Lucky Charms

I made this piece to resemble Lucky charms. The Apple Jade is supposed to be like the
marshmallows in the cereal, and the tiger’s eye resembles good quality and is just cool
to look at. The pearl blends well with the apple jade and tiger’s eye. It has a brass clamp

Tiger’s Eye, Pink Pearl, and Garnet, 2022
The Solar System

I made this piece to resemble a solar system. I like this necklace a lot and it is very
special to me. It brings me peace and it is fashionable. It goes well with pearls, ruby,
and sapphire pearls. This is also a brass clamp.

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