Cynthia Yakovich Guare

I'm an artist. I do all kinds of artwork, but my primary focus has been mural painting. I have a degree in graphic design and advertising art which has helped me over the past 23 years I've been painting murals and signage.
About Cynthia Yakovich Guare

I've always been an artist. I started out scribbling with crayons and I just never stopped. I received a graphic design/advertising art degree in 2000 and worked in a corporate office as a graphic designer honing my design skills. After 2 years in a gray cubicle, I broke free and began painting large scale. I've painted 100 ft. walls and small nooks. I've painted murals and signs for corporations, non-profits, schools, small businesses, and homeowners from Green Valley to Phoenix and beyond. In my home studio, I play with a variety of mediums and textures.

Cindy Guare
Preferred Pronouns: artist/muralist
Honeybee Canyon on living room wall.
Honeybee Canyon

24 ft. long mural on living-room wall of my client’s favorite place to hike, Honeybee Canyon. Including petroglyphs.

Cancun beach in storm
Cancun storm

12′ x 9′ Cancun beach and storm painted on client’s courtyard, stucco wall.

Desert sunset
Sunset on cacti
Desert critters and cacti at sunset painted on 18' of brick wall behind pool.

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