Dancesequences Inc.

Dancesequences exists to advance inclusion through movement and dance. Our dance artists with diverse ages and abilities create improvisational dance programming across community lines to support integrated participation.
About Dancesequences Inc.

Dancesequences is a partnership of people with diverse ages and abilities who seek to promote and create community through the art of creative dance. Our belief that movement and dance are key ways human beings communicate and connect with one another inspires us to create open and nurturing spaces to celebrate our shared humanity through expressive movement. We achieve our mission through educational programs, workshops, and public events by collaborating with local community organizations. We facilitate integrated community-based dance programming for vulnerable populations as well as the larger community, including (i) Elder Memory Care, Assisted Living and Independent Living residences from national corporate facilities to Section 8 HUD-housing; (ii) afterschool enrichment program for children at a community center for low-income families; (iii) dance classes for young people with diverse abilities; (iv) women experiencing houselessness; (v) outdoor gatherings that are open to the public; and (vi) University of Arizona. Special residencies include (i) Equinimity Project (Dancing with Horses); and (ii) Crossing Lines, an intergeneration art-making dance project.

Karenne Koo
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
Dance and Claywork
Crossing Lines at Hacienda at the Canyon

Elders from Memory Care and Independent Living, university students, and Repertory Company dancers got together to make clay shakers and sculptural pieces, which were in turn inspired creative group dance improvisations.  This photo shows a free group dance around the clay shakers that were just completed.

Fall 2023 Garden Gathering
Garden Gathering

A Garden Gathering is part of Dancesequences’ “We Bring the Dance to You” initiative and is a sponsored event hosted by a supporter in their private garden.  The sponsor invites neighbors and friends to experience dance expressions in the gardens.  As in all of Dancesequences’ sharings and events, we encourage attendees to dance with us.   It is a way for members from across community lines to come together and exchange dialogue through movement in a relaxed setting.  It is also a chance to redefine what dance is….sharing new perspectives in how “Dance is for Everybody and Every Body.”  In many instances, it may be the first time a community member has an opportunity to engage with artists with disabilities.   It this photo, some of the attendees are dancing freely with a Repertory Company dance artist who uses a wheelchair.

Equinimity Fall 2023: Dancing with the Herd
Dancesequences Equinimity
Dancesequences' Equinimity Project provides a unique art experience where participants can communicate and relate to each other while dancing with horses through unmounted creative group dance. In this photo, and an elder with Parkinson's Disease and spouse enjoyed a moment of unity in movement feeling with human and equine dancers.

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