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Desert Ehrhart knew they wanted to be an artist since their early childhood and let that interest flourish through their youth and teen years. Once out on their own as an adult, they took a break from the arts to delve into the subjects of native ecology and herbal medicine, developing their connection to sustainable, restorative and relational systems of healing. Engagement with these processes had had a deep impact of their artistic work and the different mediums they now choose to work with. Desert's most recent work predominantly features the native flora and fauna of the South West. In upcoming work they intend to cycle back to working with the form of the body and integrating that with this new relationship to ecology.

Preferred Pronouns: They/ them
Self Portrait with King Snakes
Poppies in Guache
Gila Monster

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About the Process

Desert's primary influence in art is the direct experience of connection and the different shape that takes depending on who or what the connection is created with. Whether that's the process of tending to seeds in their garden, learning the paths that lead to ephemeral streams within the Sonoran Desert, or the shifting of expressions on a friend's face; there is a felt sense of motion and fluidity.
Many of the subjects Desert chooses to work with come from a desire to understand that subject more deeply, to know who and what they are seeing. That experience or witnessing offers the inspiration to create. They see the offering of art is an active leaning into and honoring of the tactile world and it's infinite language.

How to Purchase

My art can be viewed and purchased from my website listed below. You can also reach out to me through email of via my instagram page.
My website is still fresh and in the works and I’m adding more to it regularly.

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