Diane Clement

Professional Abstract Expressionist painter since 2003. Over 300 solo exhibitions. Art in collections worldwide.
About Diane Clement

I have been drawing and painting since the age of two. Having grown up in Georgia, I spent a lot of time outdoors observing nature and the beauty of even the smallest things and their often-unexpected relationship to each other.

I am obsessed with painting the understated, often ignored or taken for granted, every day, background pieces of nature, and life, with vivid colors and energetically thrown paint and self-developed techniques.

I work to visually develop these observations in an abstracted way, frequently presenting the everything of everyday of life and nature, in juxtaposition. I work almost exclusively outdoors with Mother Nature incorporating all that she brings to the experience.

My goal through expressionism, which can seem visually confusing, is to connect with the viewer on a visceral level. It is exciting when someone recognizes or feels the energy of the painting and connects with the image.

I have been blessed to have been in over 30 juried shows, to have over 300 solo exhibitions, numerous print and online articles, and art, and art collectors worldwide.

Diane Clement
Preferred Pronouns: human/artist/she/her/hers
42"x 98" Heavily layered One Shot lettering enamels on canvas.
Highways & Byways Across the Continent
"4 Year Old Fish"

48″x 36″ acrylics on canvas


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About the Process

"Big Fish" - 78"x 152" - The first OVERSIZED painting adventure for me. Using my favorite method, throwing handfuls of paint, I quickly realized small bottles of paint wouldn't work. I had, on hand, quarts of One Shot lettering enamels (from my graphic-art-hand lettering days) and five gallons of paint later, "Big Fish" appeared..
"Broken" - 36"x 24" - acrylics on canvas. "Broken" is not only reflective of my personal broken-ness, but is an excellent example of a technique I have developed , using "sticks" lattice wood strips. In some work, you will see straight strokes and scrapes of paint and those are most likely from the use of these strips of wood.

How to Purchase

Collecting original art, after a personal connection with the piece or pieces, is such a personal experience. If you connect with a piece and feel compelled to add it to your art collection, feel free to have a conversation with the artist (me). Art may be acquired through Facebook, PayPal, Square, personal check, or however the collector wishes. Private Message me on FB; email: clement.diane@gmail.com; or call and leave a message or text (804) 316-4202. Payments are an option.

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