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Recording my visual experience with paint is my inspiration. Trying to record the way light moves across a form has never stopped fascinating me. For me, each painting is a visual account of the image in nature.

Because I was raised in the southwest, I am a labelled regional painter. Painting the light of the desert is a unique challenge because it is almost unfiltered by the atmosphere and the value and intensity of colors change from brilliant to “bleached out” in a remarkably short time. Painting on location in the desert, I learned I had to transcribe my instinctual reactions to the landscape quickly. To facilitate the immediacy of recording the seeing experience, I use a mobile studio fully equipped with all my painting tools and supplies. Some of the benefits of a mobile studio include being out of the elements, the avoidance of unwanted interruptions by curious onlookers, and the ability to paint larger.
Desert Wash, 9 x 12, Oil
Desert Color Sketch, 9 x 12, Oil
Rio Grande Valley Near Corrales, NM, 18 x 24, Oil

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When I see something that moves me, I paint without analyzing why it moves me. I am inspired by the landscape, the human form, and the still life. When I paint the landscape, I generally drive out to a location in my mobile studio, park it, and begin looking. I paint in oils because the medium allows me to work on a painting for several hours, correcting and changing forms and shapes as the composition dictates. In my home studio, where I paint the figure and still life, I control the composition and the narrative. To dramatize my intent, I arrange the pose and objects, the setting and the light.

I try to paint everyday whether, inspired or not. Often, the process triggers the inspiration.

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Art can be purchased by check or cash payments made payable to Joe Orr. Art can be shipped after purchased, shipping and handling will apply and be collected on delivery.

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