John Bennett

About John Bennett

       Born and raised in Tucson, AZ. Artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and teacher. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona's, Fine Arts College, 2-Dimensional Emphasis.
John Bennett was inspired to create from a young age, and that playful quality continues to stand out in his work today. Preferring vibrant color and dramatic atmosphere, Bennett's illustrative/painterly style transports the viewer to another world not unlike our own. He draws inspiration from science, culture, history, the spiritual, and mundane. Predominately working in two dimensions, some of his work reaches into the third using highly textured, topographical elements.
Bennett is currently teaching in the public school system, working on art and commissions part-time. Please reach out if you are interested in having work done.
Instagram: DM @johnnyb_art 

San Xavier Del Bac Mission
Valley Verde

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About the Process

Like many of life's lessons, my process is failure/mistake driven. I'm inspired by the world (pop-culture, science, the human experience, nature) and try to think of the best ways to represent my idea (medium, scale, style).
Usually, I'll start with many thumbnails and smaller versions of my bigger idea. It's better to get as many challenges worked out at this stage, rather later on when a bunch time has been invested into the project. Occasionally, I'll use digital software to work out some of my ideas before using a traditional medium, and vice-versa.
I start my pieces by thinking of light, form, and perspective. I build on layers of incompleteness, trying to force the viewer to an emotional response. There is fine line between realism and the expressive nature of certain materials, and I try to not lean to heavily on either end of the spectrum. Art is a practice, and comfort is the killer of progess. Making mistakes keeps art interesting, and sometimes something really positive can come from them--my process of creation is always changing.

How to Purchase

You may reach out to me directly by email or go to my instagram. Search @johnnyb_art … Website coming soon.

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