KXCI, Tucson’s Community Radio

Founded in 1983, KXCI is a diverse, independent radio station serving Tucson and Southern Arizona. KXCI broadcasts nearly 100% original local programs twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year to over 45,000 weekly listeners.
About KXCI, Tucson’s Community Radio

Our mission is to connect the communities of Tucson and Southern Arizona to each other, and the world, with informative, engaging, and creative community-based programming.

Vision Statement
To be a mirror and a window for people to experience themselves and others through authentic community voices and music.

Values Statement
EQUITY: continually cultivating a culture of inclusivity, diversity, equality, and access.
ACCOUNTABILITY + AUTHENTICITY: understanding that balancing authenticity with quality and creative freedom with accountability enables mutual trust and fuels collaboration.
VOLUNTEER-DRIVEN: honoring the invaluable contributions of our volunteers whose unique areas of expertise and personal commitment help define the sound and success of KXCI.
CREATIVITY: driving discovery, galvanizing innovation, and perpetuating bold, vivid programming that engages and inspires our audience.
HONORING THE PAST AND EMBRACING THE FUTURE: celebrating heritage artists and historical musical moments while simultaneously championing new musical discoveries and emerging artists.
SERVICE: amplifying the diverse voices of our region.

KXCI 40th Anniversary Slideshow

Please enjoy this slide show which debuted at our 40th Anniversary celebration on December 8, 2023 at El Casino Ballroom to mark four decades as an independent, community-powered radio station. This anniversary isn’t just a number; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of this community that, from the very beginning, believed in the magic of radio. When our founders got together to start this radio station, their idea was rooted in community. From the very first transmissions 40 years ago to today, KXCI’s journey has been woven with the threads of community, connection, and the boundless power of music. As we look back on the memories, the music, and the moments that have shaped us, one thing remains constant – your incredible support. You have been a vital part of our story!

Music: Orkesta Mendoza “Cumbia Vocadora”

From the Album: ¡Vamos a Guarachar!

Released: 2020

Slideshow produced and curated by Tina Andrew

KXCI and @VantageWestCU: Tuned in to what matters most

“Radio connects people in a way that other media forms can’t,” says Hannah Levin, Host and Director of Content at KXCI. Located in Armory Park, KXCI receives funding through individual donations as well as support from foundations, corporations, and local businesses that underwrite our programming.

Live Session with Gertie and the T.O. Boyz
It was a great honor to have local legend and recent Tucson Musicians' Hall of Fame Inductee Gertrude Lopez on KXCI for a rare and intimate session of her performing the traditional Tohono O'odham Waila music that has made her so beloved and revered. GERTRUDE LOPEZ - Accordion SKY THOMAS - Guitar MICHAEL LOPEZ - Bass Hosted by HANNAH LEVIN Engineered by DUNCAN HUDSON Produced and filmed by TINA ANDREW Camera assist and editing JULIUS SCHLOSBURG Recorded October 9th, 2023 © KXCl and The Foundation For Creative Broadcasting

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