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When doing pieces like this I start at first by constructing the panel and frame that I will do the work on. Usually I will undercoat and paint and stain the entire surface before adding any of the other work. the wood gets added next and then the metal work .
What I think of as "found material" work. The process is mostly just adding items that fit together and balance out. The piece has to "work" and it's important that everything looks balanced and as interesting as possible. Depending on what type of materials I use, alot of this type of work can be displayed out of doors as well.
Again with the found work or assemblage I try to get items together that have a degree of cohesion and work out from there. The process is really no different for me as doing a collage piece.

How to Purchase

Anyone interested in arranging a visit to actually see work and so on can connect me and we will set an appointment up.

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