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My work is an ongoing experimentation that begins with sourcing natural fiber, sustainably sourced textiles. Then I create very cool one of a kind & limited edition clothing - draped, cut & sewn with particular attention to detail. My designs enlist the natural drape of the fabric to define & enhance the body.
I use digital printing of my art photography on the textiles. Digital printing is much more sustainable than traditional screen printing: very little water use, very little energy use, & almost no waste.

Craft is imperative for grounding us in our society, our culture. Craft helps us to think, see, feel, & express ourselves within the context of our communities, cultures, economies.

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
Ruby Red Silk Frammento
Triangles Vest
Cocoon Coat Wool and Silk

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You can reach me via phone at 520.981.9891. Or you can email me at You can also contact me through my contact page on my website I also teach workshops in the design and maker skills. Those workshops are on my new website
In addition, you can find me on Facebook and instagram – @LauraTanzer, @LearnCraftSew
I am looking into TikTok, but not there yet…

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