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Fine artist, Lauri Marks Kaye, enjoys wandering around Tucson in search of great coffee shops in which to take up residence to do her drawings while enjoying endless cups of coffee. She is passionately committed to straying from her schedule to entertain impromptu photoshoots with her iPhone and drum up conversations with strangers for which she uses as subjects for her drawings. Kaye’s experience over the past 21 years in Tucson, AZ is that of a unique and vibrant blend of desert life, eclectic and passionate people, fascinating history and endless opportunity. Kaye’s quest is to use her artistic experience and journalistic passion to capture the magic of Arizona in her latest series, “Tucson Portrait Stories” illuminating the people, places and events that make our community extraordinary. This series consists of 50 mixed media stories, layering hand drawing with photography and digital color and printing on metal.
Gates Pass / A Tucson Portrait Story
Footprints of Sabino Canyon
Sonoran Harmony

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Mt. LEMMON / A TUCSON PORTRAIT STORY | Mount Lemmon is Tucson’s playground. Named after botanist, Sara Plummer Lemmon, the sky island displays plant life from deserts, grasslands, coniferous forests and alpine mountains. With a temperature gradient of 30 degrees, a spectrum of year-round options awaits the adventurer.
MOUNTAIN EMBRACE / A TUCSON PORTRAIT STORY | From the Santa Catalina Mountains of the north, home to big horn sheep and snowflakes on granite cliffs, to the RIncons of the east, with their ponderosa pines, grasslands and desert shrub, to the Tucson Mountains of the west awash with ragged, craggy trails and saguaro silhouettes, and to the Santa Ritas.
CITY OF GASTRONOMY / A TUCSON PORTRAIT STORY | Recognized as the first UNESCO city of gastronomy in the US, Tucson is home to a plethora of amazing culinary artists. Local chef, Maria Mazon, uses a blender to create psychedelic salsas to top her 25 varieties of tacos. Her talents have been recognized in local and international competitions.

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While my online shop is always open, ( I always encourage a visit to my home studio (inside or out) where I can show a bit of the process and visitors can see a bunch of work at a variety of sizes. My work can come in any size, a variety of mediums, with and without the stories.

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