Makoto Takigawa

About Makoto Takigawa

I was born and raised in Japan.
I came to the US to receive a higher education, originally to study criminology. But as I took art classes, I became aware of the medium that I can express myself in beyond the language barrier, and decided to pursue an art degree receiving BFA from San Francisco Art Institute.
The subject matter came naturally as my cultural background, where appreciation of nature is integrated in everyday life, combined with years of paleontological work further developed my sense of closeness with and idea about nature.
Finding Calm in the Chaos
Misty Morning
Road Trip

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My inspirations arise from observations made while in natural surroundings.
I usually have certain images or color schemes in mind before I start a painting. But soon after I begin, my intuition takes over and becomes its own process. Also I tend to focus on the visceral aspect of the imagery.
Even though my work is a very personal interpretation of the subject, having mostly abstract style can open up a kind of conversation between between viewer and I. It is as though I start telling the story and the viewers decide how to end it or keep creating their own story.
I hope to create images where the viewers experience their personal connection to nature.

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I’m open during the weekends on set times, during the weekdays will be appointments only.

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