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About the Process

I love inventing faces using papier-mâché clay. I find it’s a lot more fun doing old, craggy faces, than ideal young ones - although every now and then a young one does emerge. I start with an armature made of aluminum foil and tape, glued to a board. Then I start building a face with papier-mâché clay I make myself. The eyes are beads.
I usually leave it overnight to harden some before adding details around the eyes. I have a mirror handy to get the expression right, but I don't try to make it resemble anyone in particular.
Refining the details and adding hair - in this case, ground-up bluejeans used for packing - really makes it come alive. After it's dry, I'll add a background, and then sand and paint it with encaustics (hot wax paint).

How to Purchase

People should contact me to see the art in person. I take cash, checks, or PayPal.


December 10th and 11th 11am – 5pm

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