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Mat Bevel Company sparks the creative genius in people through kinetic art, surrealistic theater, hands-on learning, and multimedia art productions to dispel the common myth that creative genius is a talent only few possess.
About Mat Bevel Company

Mat Bevel Company is an arts and science nonprofit that sparks the creative genius in people through found-object kinetic art, surrealistic pop theater, hands-on discovery learning, and multimedia art productions to dispel the common myth that creative genius is a talent only a few possess. To fulfill this mission, we produce and present original fine art, teach the next generation of youth how to invent and create, and serve artists and arts organizations who are revitalizing communities through the creative economy.

Our work dispels a common myth that creative genius is a talent only a few possess. In fact, Dr. George Land’s work proved that 98% of people are born with abundant creative genius potential, but by young adulthood, that genius has plummeted to 2% because we stop using the imagination. Through our programs, people discover new ways to use their imaginations to solve problems, generate original ideas and invent things that improve lives, communities and the world.
Mat Bevel's online theater featuring "Poetic Fool," written, produced and performed by artist Ned Schaper
Mat Bevel: Poetic Fool

Kinetic Sculptor, performer and poet Ned Schaper performs original poetry with his kinetic sculpture named Lover Boy, one of the many characters from the world of Beveldom.

Ned uses found objects as the raw materials for his sculptures. The real magic is in Schaper’s intuitive engineering approach. He does not know what the object will become when he begins the process. Instead, by working with the materials of the found object, he lets the object’s ultimate function emerge on its own, which leads to beautiful and unexpected results.

His Museum of Kinetic Art & Surrealistic Pop Science Theater are listed as one of four places to experience unusual art in Tucson. Ned has been busy translating his live theater into a modern online digital theater.

Morley Arts District Artist Spotlight featuring Paula Wittner in "Stories And Characters From My Life" produced by Mat Bevel Company
Paula Wittner: Stories And Characters From My Life

This video features painter Paula Wittner’s work and the new Wittner Museum that contains nearly 100 of her paintings in a new museum and performance space located in the Morley Arts District. The video was produced by Mat Bevel Company in partnership with Desert Spotlight on behalf of the Morley Arts District in Nogales. AZ. Paula Wittner’s paintings range from the real to the fantastical. She draws on her own family and life to portray the intensely personal in a manner that is universal by documenting her journey in ways that we recognize as our own. She reminds us of our experience of human emotions in the noble, the quotidian, and at times the less admirable, aspects of our existence.

Elementary students from Patagonia Elementary School participate in The Intergalactic Ensemble, the concluding event for The Universe Within unit four, Making Music, developed by Mat Bevel Company
The Universe Within Unit Four: Making Music
The Universe Within, inspired by Mat Bevel Company Founder Ned Schaper's world of Beveldom, and developed by its Multimedia Program Director Paula Schaper, gives kids an immersive world-building experience that connects them to the vast universe inside and all around us. The program activities meet Science, Math, Engineering, Visual Arts, Theater, and English Language Arts standards. Elementary students imagine, invent, make and share their original world-building creations with others! The program awakens the creative genius in youth by increasing their divergent thinking skills and hands-on spatial mechanical abilities! The program dispels a common myth that genius is something only a few possess. In fact, nearly every one of us, 98% percent of us to be exact, is born a creative genius. But to keep that genius alive, you’ve got to use your imagination every day. So, in The Universe Within, we help students stretch their imaginations, work with their hands and use intuition to tackle game-like challenges and learn about science, technology, engineering and math in a super creative artful way. Making Music is the fourth 40-hour unit to be developed to date.
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