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I enjoy the challenge of creating useful pots to enrich and celebrate the mundane rituals of daily life and to make them holy.
I have been making pots for over 40 years. My primary influences & teachers have been Byron Temple, Warren MacKenzie, Bernard Leach and Hamada.
After all these years, I still feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I open the kiln to see a new load of pots. Wood/Soda firing is a great adventure and the pots to me are both ancient and modern at the same time.
Pussywillow Teapot and Tea Bowls
Jade Serving Bowl
Wood/Soda Gourd Shaped Teapot

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For the last four years, I have been mainly working in Cone 10 clay, combining wheel and hand techniques.

I am trying to capture the way the clay looks when it is wet and fresh off the the wheel. I fire them in a wood salt kiln which I stoke for almost 6 hours, using wood that has sat in a super saturated solution of soda ash for over four days.

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You can purchase online, with our contactless square account at the gallery, or by putting money in an envelope and dropping it in the mailbox on our front door.

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