Leigh Mortensen

My name is Leigh Mortensen, I grew up in Missouri but now live in Arizona. I mostly paint figures. My artistic process involves splashing paint on canvas and then washing it off to reveal hidden shapes and patterns.
About Leigh Mortensen

I began my artistic journey by sharing my work on platforms like Deviantart and ArtPal, where I received positive feedback in the form of likes and favorites. Encouraged by this response, I continued to share my art and gradually progressed to answering calls to artists in my hometown and nationally. These experiences allowed me to expand my reach and showcase my work on a larger scale. I mostly paint abstract figures, I call it unintentional art because each piece is unique and I never know what I am about to paint...I start out by putting down some paint on canvas, then I wash it off and what I "see" in the mess left on the canvas is what I work into the figures I paint. Each piece is motivated by the messiness and chaos that sometimes finds its way into our lives.

Leigh Mortensen
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
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About the Process

Artistic Process: My unique technique of creating figures allows me to discover hidden figures and shapes that inspire my artwork. Visual Style: My technique of working with splashed paint that has been washed off allows me to embrace the messiness and discover hidden figures within the patterns. Embracing Chaos: My artistic style embraces chaos and celebrates the beauty that emerges from it. I find inspiration in the accidental and unintentional aspects of this process. Visual Exploration: The visual qualities of my artwork explore colors and textures that enhance a storytelling aspect and contribute to the overall “messy” aesthetic. Individuality: Each figure I create is one-of-a-kind due to the spontaneous nature of my process. This individuality encourages viewers to appreciate the beauty in imperfections. Viewer Experience: I invite viewers to engage with my artwork on a personal level and aim to evoke emotions and spark imagination through paintings.

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How to Visit: Open by appointment
Studio Address: 580 N Mesquite Ln 
, AZ 85321

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