Olivier Dubois-Cherrier

The truth is never in what it is said but in what it is perceived. To this end, when I decide to make art, I avoid using words for not wanting to violate the freedom to wander, ramble and constantly reconsider.
About Olivier Dubois-Cherrier

Olivier Dubois-Cherrier is an experienced French painter, photographer and sculptor based in Tucson, Arizona, who has exhibited his work internationally. His Caribbean family background deeply influenced his path to art as well as the content he portrays in it, and he has lived a nomadic life for many years now. Typically painting with thick impastos and using additional materials such as sand, soil, grass and found objects, he composes works that contemplate natural environments and pose philosophical questions. His themes include time, ego and death.

8’ tall wooden sculpture permanently installed at The Island in Tucson.
F. as Fernande, Female, Femininity, Fecundity, Fertility (2022)
The first of a series of 12 large format paintings (72”x50”)
Not a Landscape Painting #1 (2021)
Wall-sculpture part of the series How I Remember Things, permanently installed at The Island in Tucson
Becoming an Artist - Atelier fond orangé (Atelier) after Nicolas de Staël (2023)
A visual investigation about memories.
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