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SkummyGorl is an artist who practices many mediums. I work with acid etching, etching my alternative and gothic designs onto mirrors and glass as my favorite form of creating art, which has sentimental meaning, as my late mother taught me how to etch glass. Most glass etchings are for decorative purposes, I have always tried to bring my own alternative style to the etching world, and I have been doing this for about a decade. I also like to paint, draw, make jewelry, and do digital art. I have been in Tucson for most of my life and have found this place to be my artistic home, I have found acceptance and support here, my art is my main form of income. I struggle with a minor learning disability that allows me to be functional, yet it is not easy all the time, considering I was diagnosed with PTSD from sexual abuse, I have had a difficult time maintaining functionality, but most importantly my happiness in careers outside of art. Art has been my safe space, my creativity, and my love for life have flowed through me in my ability to create. I am 27 years old, and I hope to continue my artistic career, exceed, and excel in it throughout my lifetime.

Preferred Pronouns: She/they
Marauder Canvas Painting
In Bloom Sculpture

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About the Process

For glass etching I first lay contact paper onto the surface I'd like etched. I draw my design on the contact paper, then with an exacto knife I cut out the design, creating a handmade stencil. Once the stencil is cut out I, put on ppe, and spread the acid on the surface with a paint brush, I let the acid sit, and then wash off in a safe space.
Digital Art is created in wither photoshop or Adobe illustrator. I create layers of each addition to ensure if I do not like a piece of the work, the entire art piece is not compromised. I usually make my digital art into prints which I sell online or at markets.

How to Purchase

Visitors can purchase from me directly, you can use my email, through direct messages on Instagram, or through my Esty shop. I always post my upcoming events with times, locations, where I will be vending as well.

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