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Empowering EveryOne to Become Intentional Communicators through Filmmaking & Visual StoryTelling.
About Skyler Jenkins Films

My name is Skyler Jenkins, I’m a Visual Producer & Creative Director; my favorite Artistic Expressions are Filmmaking, Writing, Music & Roller Skating.

I grew up in Philadelphia, where I worked as a Camera Assistant for Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible, a Video Production Manager for a Non-Profit, working with Youth, CEOs & NFL Stars & Produced many collaborative works with Artists.

My passion became Shining a Light on Unheard Voices, while Developing the Artist within Us All & Empowering EveryOne to Find their Creative Voice. My work is mainly rooted in Documenting Authentic Beauty to the Rhythm of Music, Unveiling the Creative Process, Exploring Unseen Worlds & Co-Creating Movie Magic.

To Collaborate or Enroll in RainbowSky Film School, visit my Website below
a sample of previous works
2019 Demo Reel

“My StoryTelling Style is authentic, immersive & minimalist. I strive to incorporate myself into the environment, documenting without interrupting; to capture authentic moments & true beauty. My intent is to blur the lines between art and reality; to tell compelling, honest, impactful & inspiring stories with timeless universal messages.” -Skyler Jenkins

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a story of Love, Loss & Rebirth through a Musical Journey
A Series of Music Videos telling a Story of Love, Loss & Rebirth The Feature Length Visual Album for Rachel Andie's "Tu Me Manques" (a piece of me is missing until I see you again)

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