Vera Gates

Using the symbology of shields to convey both physical and spiritual strength, I’ve created an abstract language of wings and words, the full moon, geometric forms and trees.
About Vera Gates

Vera Gates is a contemporary Artist working with paint, wax, wood, sand and found objects. Her current series " A Wing and A Prayer" explores themes of courage, justice and liberation, through symbolic abstraction. Her iconography includes shields, wings and words, trees and geometric architectural forms.

Vera Gates
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
Reaching Out In All Directions, Seeking Knowledge

50″ x 60″+

Oil and Cold Wax on Wood Panels

36" x 36"
How Sacred Our Being

Oil, Cold Wax, Cheesecloth and Thumb tacks on Wood Panel

30" x 30"
Free From Want
Oil and cold Wax on Wood Panel

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About the Process

I work on rigid, wooden panels, and paint, using an oil and cold wax mixture. In the early stages I block out general forms and build texture. It is both an additive and subtractive process. I use palette knives and crumpled paper, cloth and found objects, pressed into the paint, and then removed, revealing the layers. Typically, there are at least a dozen layers of paint and wax on a piece, minimum. Some have many more.

At times I embed other materials in the work, or it embeds itself. I use sand and cheesecloth. I love to use old thumb tacks though they are troublesome. The occasional bug crawls onto the wet work, gets stuck and sacrifices its little self for the work. I’ve incorporated bat guano in the work and that is a very cool material. I wish I had more of it but the bats are seasonal and I have a very small colony.

As the piece reveals itself, I ease up on the texture and switch to brush work for finish details. A painting typically takes four to six weeks to complete and I work on multiple pieces at any one time.

How to Purchase

Available pieces are for sale, through Square.  Please contact me if you see something you like and are interested.

I do commissions, though these can take many months.

No events added yet.

Studio Details

Studio: 9th Street Studio
Studio Hours: For Open Studios, we will be open Saturday & Sunday 4/22 & 23 10-5 and Friday 4/28 1-6. Other hours by appointment.
How to Visit: Open to public, Open by appointment
Studio Website:
Studio Phone: 4152358685
Studio Address: 729 E. Ninth Street 
, AZ 85719

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