Donna Isaac, Public Art Consultant

Arts Foundation Staff Bio:
Donna Isaac, Public Art Consultant

Donna Isaac

Donna Isaac is an international facilitator, journalist, speaker, and writer. Her background includes facilitating cross-cultural discussions and teaching in the US, Kosovo, Macedonia, and The Netherlands, as well as projects for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union.

Donna has fifteen years of experience in public art as an administrator and director of Scottsdale Public Art, a nationally recognized program. Her work in public process and public art has remained focused on building community with public art, reinvigorating downtown areas with the arts, and bridging differences – whether these are cross-cultural discussions, narratives of displacement, or building community consensus.

In addition to a MA in Art History from the University of Minnesota and a MEP from Arizona State University with a focus on public participation, Donna is also McLean Meditation Institute certified meditation & mindfulness instructor and coach as well as a Certified MMI@Work trainer. She continues to write non-fiction, teaches writing workshops, practices yoga, is an avid hiker, and a lover of travel.

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