paleta de colores del mes

14 de marzo de 2023 | Artista destacado, Color Palette of the Month, Color Palette of the Month

March Artist: Bryan-Mikhail Riggs

🎨Introducing our Color Palette of the Month artist, Bryan-Mikhail Riggs!

Artwork Title: “The Everlasting Cross”⁠
Medium: Jewelry, Craft⁠
Año: 2022⁠

Bryan-Mikhail Riggs is a multidisciplinary youth artist born in Tucson and a recipient of the Pima County Youth Arts Scholarship 2022.⁠

“I usually select colors based on my mood or if I feel like the colors would go along with that piece I have in my head at the time.⁠

The Everlasting Cross(2022) was made off inspiration of a white diamond necklace but with my own little taste to it. I put pearls the represent the white diamonds and the glass to give it that sparkle. The yellow jade is for my own taste to the necklace to make it unique.”⁠

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