Harrod Blank –  Multidisciplinary Artist, Filmmaker, and Founder of Art Car World

Jan 24, 2023 | Artistories, Arts Foundation News, Arts Foundation Programs, News


Harrod Blank

In this episode, we hear from Harrod Blank, Multidisciplinary Artist, Filmmaker, and Founder of Art Car World. Harrod shares the story of how he established Art Car World in Douglas, Arizona, which houses one of the country’s most prominent collections of art cars. He takes us back to his childhood and reveals how his upbringing with creative parents set a path for his creative career as a multidisciplinary artist. We learn of his commitment to honoring his parent’s legacy and preserving their artwork, a major source of inspiration for many of his long-term art projects. Harrod also speaks about his experiences documenting Burning Man, an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, where participants gather to celebrate self-expression, art, and community. Harrod’s candid and engaging conversation provides listeners with a fascinating glimpse into the world of art cars and his great effort in art preservation and developing new public art in the borderlands. This episode is now available for streaming on all major platforms.

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