Donate to help support the next generation of artists!
By: Lauren Bays
Arts Advocacy / December 10, 2019

Donate to help support the next generation of artists!

Help us support the next generation of artists. 

As we approach the end of another year, I’m sure you’ll join me in reflecting on the important role art plays in our community. Can you imagine Pima County without its public art? Its Open Studio Tours? Without artists?

Right now you have a special chance to DOUBLE the scholarship amount six graduating high school seniors will receive to attend community college through the Pima County Youth Arts Scholarship.

With your gift, you will inspire young artists to continue their education and their art, grooming  them into the muralists, performers, painters, media artists and photographers of tomorrow. These scholarships play a small role in ensuring our community will continue to thrive creatively.

From now until December 31 at midnight, every individual gift you give to Arts Foundation will go toward a match for the $6,000 that the City of Tucson and Pima County have provided for these scholarships. You can send six artists to community college with $2,000 toward their tuition, books, and fees.

For some, this means the difference between attending college or not.

Support the next generation of artists who will keep Tucson creative. Every dollar of your gift will go to this $6,000 matching goal. And because the Arts Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, every dollar of your contribution may be eligible for a tax deduction!

Give today to support art students who will enroll in one of our community colleges next fall. Your gift makes a difference to them, and to every one of us who benefit from the creative pulse in Southern Arizona.

Eva Karene Romero
Board President


Image Credits: Past PCYAA awardee Sydney Wayment

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