NEW Artistories Episode featuring Angelina Ramirez
By: Jenea Sanchez
Media / September 12, 2022

NEW Artistories Episode featuring Angelina Ramirez


Angelina Ramirez-Flamenco Dancer, Choreographer, and Teaching Artist

In this episode, we hear from Angelina Ramirez, Flamenco Dancer, Choreographer, and Teaching Artist. We begin the conversations by discussing her Project Creosote Start Award and the project titled Manos Trabajadoras. We learn how Angelina navigated the pandemic as a performing artist and how she is responding through her conceptual practice as a Flamenco artist. Angelina shares how “Flamenco found her” as a child and how an opportunity encounter with a Flamenco dancer in Tucson set the path forward for her life’s passion and profession. We lean into a conversation about identity and stereotypes in the art form and how Angelina is telling her own story as a non-gitana, Mexicana Flamenca.

Listen to the full Artistories Podcast with Angelina Ramirez, click here!


Angelina Ramirez is a flamenco movement artist and teaching artist living in Tucson, AZ. Angelina’s artistic work explores what it means to be a queer, latinx flamenca, practicing in a traditional gitano form of dance. As a teaching artist, she is interested in the intersections of arts and healing, focusing on teaching elders of all abilities and integrated flamenco with autistic individuals. She is devoted to promoting accessibility and eradicating ableism, racism and bigotry by practicing and promoting dialogue, acceptance and community participation.


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