Ghost Trees and the Big Nest

Working with concrete, rammed earth, bronze, and etched glass, artists Selina Littler, Kathy Hoyer the surrounding desert environment of Northwest Tucson.

Artist(s): Selina Littler, Kathy Hoyer

Selina Littler, Kathy Hoyer, Ghost Trees and the Big Nest, 2002.

Resting on a rammed earth pedestal, artists Selina Littler and Kathy Hoyer depict a cast bronze nest of Manzanita sticks.In another portion of the work, the artists depict silhouettes of Palo Verde trees, sandblasted onto glass panels. The overarching theme of the work is the beauty of the Northwestern deserts of Tucson.
Dimensions: Nest (exterior) : 5'h x 5' l x 2'6" d; wall (interior): 11' h and along the interior length
Address: Northwest YMCA (7770 North Shannon Rd.)

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