Poet (modern streetcar)

Composed entirely of small letters creating a lace-like skin, artists Simon Donovan's and Ben Olmsted's 'Poet' appears to interact directly with the electronic scrolling board above, which depicts an ever changing series of poems provided by the U of A Poetry Center.

Artist(s): Simon Donovan, Ben Olmsted

Simon Donovan, Ben Olmsted, Poet (modern streetcar), 2013.

Illuminated from within using a blue, LED flood light, artists Simon Donovan's and Ben Olmsted's 'Poet' depicts a large-scale human head composed entirely of individual, stainless steel letters. Working in tandem with the electronic scrolling box above, the head appears to be 'speaking' poems into the illuminated box.
Dimensions: 5'h x 4'w x 6'd
Address: Modern Streetcar Stop: Station @ Helen St. & Warren Ave.

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