Sun Columns

Acting as an entry point to the Rilito Park Race Track, two powdered-coated yellow poles frame the walkway of the park.

Artist(s): Nina Borgia-Aberle, Brenden Nostrant

Nina Borgia-Aberle, Brenden Nostrant, Sun Columns, 2000.

Artists Nina Borgia-Aberle and Brenden Nostrant delineate the entry of the Rillito Park Race Track using two, powder-coated yellow poles. Atop the yellow pole sit steel circles with star-shaped cutouts. The large concrete bases of the poles are adorned with tile mosaics, which depict the goings-on of the park.
Address: Rillito Park Racetrack on 1st Ave. north of the Rillito River (4502 N 1st Ave.)

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