Marc Pinate
By: Lauren Bays
/ August 7, 2018

Marc Pinate

FY 2017 – 2018

Project: Soldado Raso: Monologues of Tucson Veterans


Performing artist, Marc Pinate has dedicated his latest project, Veteranos, to Latinx veterans, paying homage by telling their story of sacrifice through a theatrical solo performance.

“Hispanics have served in every war since the American Revolution and have been proportionally awarded more Medals of Honor than any other ethnic group. As race politics and anti-immigrant sentiment crescendos, it is important that narratives of Hispanics’ tradition of patriotism and the emotional sacrifice made by these men and women are recognized,” states Pinate.

Pinate is compiling monologues for this performance based on interviews he conducted with war veterans from South Tucson, then combining them with live Son Jarocho folk music from Veracuz, Mexico.


Pictured is Marc Pinate. Soldado Raso: Monologues of Tucson Veterans. Development reading at El Pueblo Neighborhood Center, Tucson, AZ.


Photo by: Milta Ortiz

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