Stephanie Cortes
By: Lauren Bays
/ August 7, 2018

Stephanie Cortes

FY 2017 – 2018

Project: EXIST: Messengers of the Cosmos


Local artist and Cirque Roots Studio co-founder/artistic director Stephanie Cortes explores the relationship between science and art in her project, Exist: Messengers of the Cosmos. Her “astronomy-inspired circus” is based on Carl Sagan’s quote, “We are made of star stuff,” creating a dynamic show comprised of large, visual projections of the cosmos, live acrobatics, aerial performances, stilt dance, and spoken word. “Exist will explore the physical and emotional significance of what it means to be human in the Universe, offering the audience a different perspective on their lives, their place in the Universe, and the vast time and distance scales in the cosmos,” says Cortes.


Pictured are performers Christoph Dribusch, Stephanie Cortes, Brittany Briley, Zoe Anderson, Natalie Brewster-Nguyen.


Photo by: Rachel Castillo-Larriva

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