Welcome to the Team, Anna Flores!

Nov 17, 2022 | Arts Foundation News

We are thrilled to announce that Anna Flores has joined Arts Foundation team as Grants and Services Manager!

Anna Flores is a writer born in Nogales, Arizona. She holds a Masters degree in Creative writing from Arizona State University. Flores is currently working on a manuscript titled: Oracaniones, Praysongs, and Sigilos and has published a book of poems titled Pocha Theory. Her recent awards and honors include a 2021 Swarthout Award in Writing, a 2021 Center for Imagination in the Borderlands Creative Research Fellowship, and a 2020 Mabelle A. Lyon Poetry Award. You can read her most recent published work in Red Tree Review.

AnnaFlores PochaTheory

Check out a new poem below by Anna titled, HUSKS OUT.

We’ll have to leave something angry behind.

The way nine dead javelinas pile up, husks out.

This road is complicit, gored in crosses.

I measure the desert by tallying

blisters on my brother’s feet, taping them.

Look more closely. This is a funeral

for the seas. My folks debate Marana’s

natural streams, where they end, where they start, where

my brother was found when he crawled into

Tucson. Back then, I thought I knew the land.

Before his return home to an unknown

place, I did not know what distance could do.

How it eats the body’s perimeter.

And in the desert, you’re your only shade.


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