2024 Call to Artists: 5th and 6th Street Pedestrian Safety and Walkability  

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Opportunity Details

Status: Open
Due date: June 25, 2024 11:59 pm
Award: $47,885
Managed by: Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona, City of Tucson Transportation and Mobility Department
Submission link:
Eligibility: All professional artists and artist teams worldwide.
  • Guidelines_2024 CTA 5th and 6th Street Pedestrian Safety and WalkabilityDownload Guidelines (pdf) | English
  • LINEAMIENTOS_2024 SPA CTA_5th and 6th Street Pedestrian Safety and WalkabilityDownload Guidelines (pdf) | Español

    The 5th and 6th Street Pedestrian Safety and Walkability project will provide sidewalks, landscaping, and lighting for people walking and assistive mobility devices. This project is funded by Proposition 407 – Tucson Delivers Strong Connections, a bond package approved by voters to fund improvements to parks and construction of new bicycle and pedestrian routes. 


    The public art opportunity for this project is open to all forms of free-standing public art that can withstand the harsh outdoor Southern Arizona climate. Sculptures that integrate shade, seating, or bike racks elements are also encouraged. The artwork will be located on the traffic island on the corner of 6th & Country Club within the location of two bus stops. The project location will have no walls or surfaces for murals or two-dimensional art. The artwork components will be exposed to harsh desert elements, sustainable materials as well as functionality in this climate are essential to address longevity and maintenance.  


    Public art project timelines follow the schedule of the larger improvement. Dates are subject to change. 

    Thursday, May 23, 2024 Call to Artist Guidelines Posted  
    Tuesday, June 25, 2024 Application Deadline at 11:59 p.m. Arizona Time 
    July-September 2024 Application Review Stage Self-paced online application review 
    September 2024 Artist Selection Meeting 1: Select 3 finalists    
    2 Hours – Virtual Zoom Public Meeting 
    Review all application scores and select 3 finalists. 
    October 2024 Artist Selection Meeting 2: Finalists Presentations and Interviews 
    2 Hours – Virtual Zoom Public Meeting 
    Presentation and Q/A from each finalist. 
    Public Art Panel selects one Artist/Artist Team. 
    Wednesday, November 13, 2024 Present selected artist at PACDC Public Meeting 
    Spring 2025 – Summer 2025  Artwork Design Phase: Public Art Panel Meetings, Broader Public Meetings. 
    Summer 2025 – Spring 2026 Fabrication, Installation. 


    Capital Improvement Project Area 

     6th St from Campbell Ave to Country Club Rd and 5th St from Country Club Rd to Alvernon Way. 

    Project Details 


    • The project will provide complete and connected sidewalks on both sides of the street.  
    • New sidewalks and curb ramps will be installed except where there is existing sidewalk in good condition that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  

    Enhanced street crossings  

    • 2 new HAWK pushbutton crossings are planned, at 5th St & Camino Miramonte and at 5th St & Palo Verde Blvd.


    • Full street lighting (roadway and sidewalks) is planned for the entire project length.
    • Existing historic pedestrian lights from Campbell Ave to Tucson Blvd, and full-scale street lights from Tucson Blvd to Country Club Rd, will be preserved.  


    • New landscaping will use native and desert-adapted plants and will incorporate green stormwater infrastructure where feasible.
    • Some areas are not planned to have new landscaping to preserve existing mature landscape, because of insufficient room in right of way, or because existing sidewalks and ground are not being disturbed.
    • A large traffic island on the southwest corner of 6th Street and Country Club Road will feature extensive green stormwater infrastructure with native trees and other vegetation.


    The all-inclusive maximum budget listed above is for all artworks and related costs. This includes the artist fee, insurance, stamped engineering plans, tax requirements, research, community engagement, contract labor, fabrication, platforms, earthwork, lighting, permits, and all related costs required for the installation of the artwork(s). Please note that raw material prices may change during the scope of this project.  


    This public art opportunity is open to all professional artists and artist teams.   

    No elected members, officers, commissioners, or employees of the City of Tucson are allowed to apply to this project. Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona, board members, staff and their immediate family members are also prohibited from applying to this project. Any person in a position to receive financial gain from the selection of artist(s) will be ineligible to serve on a Public Art Panel. All Public Art Panel members must declare any conflict of interest and recuse themselves if a conflict of interest arises. 

    Applications must be completed solely by the artist or team lead applying for the project. Applications submitted from Artists’ representatives, managers, or galleries will not be accepted. Artist teams are required to select a team lead that will contract directly with the city to become a vendor. The city will disburse funds only to this individual. The team lead will also be the point of contact for all communications. Artists applying as a member of a team are not eligible to apply as an individual. 


    Community feedback and participation is essential to creating artwork that represents neighborhood identities and cultures in the design of the artwork. The selected artists may be required to attend one or more public meetings for the project. The artist must attend a public meeting to present a drawing and/or a rendering of the proposed artwork. 


    Artists are selected through a fair and equitable selection process by a Public Art Panel of seven or more individuals including local artists and art professionals, project stakeholders and members of the community. New Public Art Panels are formed for every public art project. Arts Foundation staff do not directly participate in the artist selection process. Our role is to facilitate the process in accordance with the City of Tucson Public Art Program. The Public Art Panel will review all artist submissions and conduct two artist selection meetings to determine the Public Art Panel’s recommended artist for this project. The first artist selection meeting will determine three artists/artist teams as finalists. The three finalists will provide a presentation on their scope of work and interest in this specific project to the Public Art Panel, followed by a Q&A session. The Public Art Panel recommendation for the commission will be presented at the PACDC public meeting listed above. 

    Evaluation Criteria  

    1. Does the applicant demonstrate the ability to translate artistic concepts into materials that are appropriate for public space, taking into consideration long-term maintenance, safety, and suitability to the Sonoran Desert climate?  
    1. Does the applicant demonstrate the ability to work with the community to produce artwork designs that reflect local, cultural, and historical themes of Tucson and Southern Arizona?  
    1. Does the applicant demonstrate a high probability of successful completion for the scale and scope of this specific project? 

    Once the artist is selected, the Public Art Panel will convene as many times as necessary throughout the project and specifically to: 1. Review all design concepts. 2. Recommend any changes to designs based on their expertise and the response to community input. 3. Recommend that the artist proceed to Risk Management Review and production when satisfied that all design issues have been resolved, consensus on the final design achieved, and that the Public Involvement Plan has been implemented in accordance with the Public Art Program Selection Policy. 

    Finalist Interview Questions 

    If you are a finalist for a public art project, you will be asked to present to the Public Art Panel with the below criteria and questions: 

    1. Format: You will provide a 15-minute presentation, followed by a 10-minute Q&A with the Public Art Panel. The meeting will take place via virtual Zoom.  
    1. Presentation Preparation. For your presentation, you will share examples of your work as well as your experience and methods in public art. You will also share with the Public Art Panel why you are interested in this particular project. You may use any format for your presentation.  
    1. Please address the following questions in your presentation.   
    • Describe your interest in this particular project opportunity. 
    • How do you approach developing your design concepts?  
    • How do you engage with the community in public art projects?  
    • What methods and tools do you use to stay on schedule and within budget? 

    *Additional questions may be asked if appropriate to a specific project. 

    Presentation preparation tips 

    • Provide a diverse range of examples of your work in your presentation. Read through the Public Art Component in the CTA to identify appropriate artwork mediums specific to the public art project.  
    • Research the area of the project, potential significant history, culture, and the users of the site of the public art project you are applying to. Panelists appreciate candidates who have done their research and know what they are signing up for. 
    • Provide specific examples of community engagement tools that you have utilized during your work as an artist and/or for public art projects.  
    • Take time to prepare your responses and presentation. We give you the questions ahead of time so you can provide thoughtful answers. 


    Carefully review the eligibility, expectations, and scope of this opportunity prior to submitting your application.   

    Prepare Application   

    1. Prepare your artist statement. The statement must include your particular interest in this project and your connection to or interest in the project location.   
    1. Prepare your resume. Two page maximum. Acceptable file types: .doc, .docx, .pdf   
    1. Prepare six (6) image samples of your artwork. Images must represent completed work by the applicant(s). Proposals or renderings will not be accepted. Acceptable file types: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png. For each image submitted please include the title, date, location, dimensions, materials used, budget, and your role in the project.  

    Submit Application  

    1. Go to Submittable:  artsfoundtucson.submittable.com/submit   
    2. Select the project from the list.   
    3. Login or sign up for an account.    
    4. Complete the eligibility requirements.    
    5. Complete all applicant Information.   
    6. Submit your artist statement.    
    7. Upload your resume.    
    8. Upload (6) artwork image samples and details.    
    9. Complete demographic data.   
    10. Review your application and submit form.   

    A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you used to create your Submittable account.    

    You may be contacted regarding your application via Submittable, email, or by phone.   


    If you have questions about the application process or content of your application, please email us at publicart@artsfoundtucson.org or call (520) 624-0595 

    If you encounter any technical issues with the online application platform, please email the Submittable at support@submittable.com or call (855) 467-8264. 

    To find out more about our public art opportunities, sign up for our monthly newsletter here https://artsfoundtucson.org/newsletter 

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