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Engaging with Local Artists

Open Studio Tours invites Tucson and Pima County’s artists to share their craft, processes, and works with visitors both in-person and online. Open Studio Tours are a free-of-charge experience where art lovers can meet working artists in their studio spaces.

Open Studio Tours – Coming this Fall

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Immerse yourself in the rich cultural scene of Tucson and Pima County for the 2024 Open Studio Tours, presented by the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona

Showcasing local artists in-person and online

Open Studio Tours (OST) is one of the largest self-guided showcases of artist studios and creative work spaces in the region, running for more than 10 years. Throughout its history, OST has allowed Tucson and Pima County’s artists to invite visitors into their studios/workspaces, free-of-charge, giving the Southern Arizona community the opportunity to directly engage with the working artists, see where art is created, and learn more about each artist’s artistic processes. 

    1. Meet the Artists ›

    Discover the works of more than 100 local artists and makers in Southern Arizona at Open Studio Tours 2023!  Browse through our Open Studio Tour Artist Directory to get a glimpse at their techniques and inspirations firsthand.  

    2. Plan Your Tour ›

    Explore the creative process  of emerging and professional artists and gain a behind-the-scenes look at their creative process during open studio visits. Check out the map of participating studios below to help you plan your tour.  

    3. Support Local Art ›

    Purchase artwork directly from the artists to support our local economy and add a unique touch to your homes and workspaces. While no purchasing is required to attend OST, with a wide range of styles and price ranges, it is the perfect time to start or add to your personal art collection. Learn more about how to support artists during Open Studio Tours!

    Artists - Open Studio Tours 2023

    Explore the profiles of the artists that participated in Open Studio Tours 2023.

    Studio Map - Open Studio Tours 2023

    View a map of all of the Artist Studios that participated in Open Studio Tours 2023.

    Open Studio Tours Attendee FAQs

    What is the Purpose of Open Studios Tours?

    Open Studio Tours Online allows Southern Arizona’s artists to in person/virtually invite visitors into their studios and creative workspaces, free-of-charge, so they can directly engage with the working artists, see where art is created, and learn more about their artistic processes.

    Does it Cost Anything to Attend Open Studio Tours?

    Open Studio Tours is free to attend! We encourage attendees to consider purchasing artwork to support local artists.

    Will there be In-Person Tours in 2024?

    Yes, The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona and Open Studio Tours are supporting in-person and online studio/workspace tours in 2024 and beyond.

    Support Local Artists

    Just by participating in Open Studio Tours, you are supporting your local arts and arts scene! Visiting the studios and connecting with local artists goes a long way to building a healthy arts community. And if you want to purchase some art as well, even better! Here are resources to guide you in buying local art during Open Studio Tours 2023.

    Set A Budget

    You wouldn’t invest in stocks, bonds, or precious metals without first determining a budget, your art collection is no different. When you start an art collection, you are starting a new investment portfolio.

    Not only should you determine how much you want to spend, but you should also determine how you will use the amount budgeted. Is your budget for 6 months or an entire year? Are you budgeting for a single $1,000 acquisition or four $250 pieces?

    As a newbie, you’ll want to focus on quality over quantity. Your budget will probably change over time, so it’s important that those early pieces are pieces with real value.

    – From How to Start an Art Collection: A Beginner’s Guide


    “There is a threshold here,” says Bill Havu, owner of William Havu Gallery in the Golden Triangle. “Original art is not a poster, so it’s not going to run you what a poster does. To get into original art, you’re probably talking a range of $750 to $1,000.” So, yeah. Original art isn’t cheap. What might be surprising to know, however, is this: Gallery owners get it. They know not everyone has a truckload of dough to spend on beautiful things. As such, they aren’t going to be offended if you tell them you only have $800 to spend. They even welcome it.

    “It’s OK to tell me that you have $1,000 and you’re wondering what I have in that price range,” says David B. Smith, owner and director of LoDo’s David B. Smith Gallery. “I have a bunch of hidden gems for less than that.” In fact, most galleries have rich storage areas where they stockpile artwork that isn’t on exhibit. What might be back there? “If you see something you like on display but you can’t afford it,” Havu says, “ask if there are smaller-size pieces or works on paper or limited-run prints from that same artist in the back. You might be surprised by what’s available.”

    – From A Guide to Buying Locally Made Art

    How to Tell if You're Buying the Right Art

    Did you see an artwork that has been on your mind ever since you left the gallery? If you stumble upon a piece that sticks with you, that makes you step back or lean in, then this may be the piece for you. Trust your instinct. The best works are ones that you can keep coming back to.

    Maybe they trigger a memory for you, or maybe they remind you of a person you love. Whatever it is, these are the works that emotionally speak to you, and that is the best kind of work to have.

    We all have a unique perspective on what is “good” art, so do not [buy] an artwork that you aren’t feeling. Even if somebody is an expert and says that an artwork is valuable or beautiful, if you don’t like it then you shouldn’t buy it. You are the one who has to live with it, and you should only decorate your walls with works that speak to you on a personal level.

    – From The Art of Buying Art

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