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Storytelling in the Thrive in the 05 Area

A desire to build community through art has been a consistent theme in feedback from Thrive in the 05 communities, and this project seeks to kickstart that vision.


In recent years, areas around downtown Tucson have seen an increased enthusiasm for and investment in new murals that celebrate the culture and unique aesthetic of the southwest. These murals have received wide fanfare and spurred mural arts maps and walking or driving tours to view them. This project would reflect those initiatives, adding new assets to the city’s public art collection and drawing new attention to the Thrive area. A desire to build community through art has been a consistent theme in feedback from Thrive in the 05 neighborhood surveys and from transformation team meetings. This project seeks to kickstart that vision with an influx of often-hard-to-come-by public art funding and the opportunity to build a coalition of arts-focused stakeholders who will guide and direct arts projects throughout implementation of the Transformation Plan. 


This project specifically engages residents in the placement, selection, and design of art that tells the history, culture, and identity of not just the commercial corridor, but also the places and people central to the Thrive in the 05 neighborhoods. The goal is that community identification through art will develop pride in the Thrive neighborhoods, prompting residential and commercial investment, social cohesion, and neighborhood


Artwork production timeline will be dependent upon the design. The Artist/Artist team and the Arts Foundation staff will agree on an appropriate schedule and delivery date as described in the Artist Contract prior to approval of production. The Artist/ Artist Team will be expected to adhere to the agreed upon timeline. Dates are subject to change depending on the Thrive in the 05 Public Art Committee members’ availability. However, the anticipated timeline for the Art Committee meetings that include the finalists and selected artists will occur through February 2022. The design phase and installation phases are expected to take place from late February to June 2023.   

Monday, December 19, 2022  Call To Artist Posting 
Tuesday, January 24, 2023  Application Deadline at 11:59 p.m. Arizona Time 
Tuesday, February 7, 2023  1st Art Panel Meeting to select 6 Finalists  
Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023  2nd Art Panel Meeting, Finalists Interviews 
Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023  Announcement of Selected Artist 
March – June 2023  Artwork Design, Public Meetings, Fabrication, Installation 

*This is an estimated timeline. Specific dates are subject to change.  

confidence in the planning process.



The Thrive in the 05 Choice Neighborhood area is a 1.45 square mile area in the 85705-zip code and is bounded by Miracle Mile to the north, Fairview Avenue and Interstate 10 to the west, Speedway Boulevard to the south, and Stone Avenue to the east. The neighborhood is home to the essnetial building blocsk of a thriving, multigenerational community with a unique history and a deep-rooted sense of place. 
In the summer of 2022, during the Fiesta in the 05 event at the Richey Resource Center we asked current residents to share their stories about the community, and what type of art they would like to see in the area. In this video we take you back in time through some of this rich history of the Thrive in the 05: what it looks like today compared to the past, and what community would like to see in the future!


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Seeking community Members to join Thrive in 05 panel!

Seeking community Members to join Thrive in 05 panel!

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