Public Art & Community Design Committee

Connecting Community and Public Art (PACD)

The Public Art and Community Design (PACD) Committee is a standing committee of the Arts Foundation composed of 21 voting members that participate in the development and implementation of the Public Art Plan and promote the Public Art Program.

Joe Pagac, Himmel Park, 2022. Photo by Julius Schlosburg

About the Public Art and Community Design Committee

The Public Art and Community Design (PACD) Committee is standing committee of the Arts Foundation composed of 21 voting members that participates in the development and implementation of the Public Art Plan and promotes the Public Art Program. The Public Art and Community Design Committee is composed of seven Mayor and Council appointees, one designee of the City Manager, five Pima County Board of Supervisors appointees, one designee of the County Administrator, and seven appointees of Arts Foundation.

Meeting Times


The PACD Committee meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 3:30 pm.  At this time all meetings are conducted virtually via Zoom, unless other specified in agenda.

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Webinar ID: 817 3860 7613 Phone: +1 564 217 2000 US 

Agendas, Legal Action Reports and Minutes

Available on the City of Tucson Boards and Commissions website. Click Here to access PACD Agenda, Legal Action Report and Minutes.

Upcoming PACD meetings

The Public Art & Community Design Committee meets every month on the second Wednesday at

3:30 pm via Zoom. The dates of the upcoming meetings are: April 10th, May 8th, June 12th, July 10th. 


    • Jim Glock – Committee Chair/Arts Foundation Appointee
    • Kenna Smith – Committee Co-Chair/Arts Foundation Appointee
    • Adriane Ackerman – City of Tucson Mayoral Appointee
    • Maureen Lueck – County Administrator Appointee
    • Lara Somers – City of Tucson Manager Appointee
    • Emily (Lily) Tate – Pima County District 1Appointee
    • Melissa Brown-Dominguez – Pima County District 2 Appointee
    • Anthony Avila – Pima County District 3 Appointee
    • Vacant – Pima County District 4 Appointee
    • Alisha Vasquez – Pima County District 5 Appointee
    • E. Liane Hernandez – City of Tucson Ward 1 Appointee
    • Vacant – City of Tucson Ward 2 Appointee
    • Corinne Cooper – City of Tucson Ward 3 Appointee
    • Anne Lopez – City of Tucson Ward 4 Appointee
    • Robert Clark – City of Tucson Ward 5 Appointee
    • Janet Fischer – City of Tucson Ward 6 Appointee
    • Vacant- Arts Foundation Appointee
    • Nancy Fung – Arts Foundation Appointee
    • Valerie Sipp – Arts Foundation Appointee
    • Margaret Joplin – Arts Foundation Appointee
    • Valerie Sanchez – Arts Foundation Appointee

    Committee coordinators:


Serving on this interagency committee is one way that our residents can participate in local government. Boards and Commissions typically serve in an advisory capacity to the City of Tucson and Pima County elected officials.  In your role, you would be serving in the same capacity, while representing the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona. The community benefits from the knowledge and expertise that volunteers bring to these Boards and Commissions.

Unless otherwise indicated, all board, committee, and commission members must be residents of Tucson or Pima County at the time of their appointment and for the full duration of their term.

In accordance with Resolution 15881 adopted by Mayor and Council, it is the policy of the City of Tucson that all appointments to City Boards, Committees, Commissions, Task Forces, and other such appointed bodies, be gender balanced and reflect the ethnic and racial compositions of the City. Therefore, all interested individuals are encouraged to apply.


The Arts Foundation Public Art and Community Design Committee::

1. Participates in the development of the Public Art Plan, recommend changes to the plan and oversee its implementation.

2. Conducts a program of community education for the Public Art Program in conjunction with public art staff.

3. Recommends professionals in the visual arts and design fields or others for Public Art Project Panels.

4. Participates in the public involvement process for each art project.

5. Constitutes subcommittees as appropriate to address pertinent public art issues.

6. Recommends policies to ensure the preservation of artworks that are purchased, commissioned, or received as donations.

7. Reviews and comments on gifts and donations in the areas of aesthetic qualities and appropriateness of the artwork; placement of the artwork; and maintenance, preservation and conservation implications.

8. Facilitates annual inventory and periodic conservation assessments of the public art collection.

9. Addresses the relocation and deaccession of artworks in the public art collection.

10. Establishes policies and guidelines appropriate to encourage financial contributions and facilitate the donation of quality artworks to the City.

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