ARTISTORIES: Karima Walker

Mar 10, 2021 | Artistories, Arts Foundation Programs

Artistories on KXCI – March 10, 2021

Karima Walker — Artist

Waking the Dreaming Body Album Cover, artwork by Karima Walker

In this episode of Artistories, we hear from artist Karima Walker, who talks to us about her music, performance and more. She recounts details about her musical trajectory and how she started expanding into more experimental realms as a way to push back against the constraints of the typical female singer-songwriter box. She also describes a performance that took place inside the “Lung” at Biosphere 2 with the help of an Arts Foundation grant. Karima talks a bit about her latest album, which came out on Feb. 26, Waking the Dreaming Body. We also talk about her COVID-19 pivot, living in Chicago and South Korea and the factors that brought her back to the desert Southwest and how she feels this journey informs her art.

This episode features sounds from Karima Walker’s “Horizon, Harbor Resonance”.

Listen to the full Artistories Mini Program with Karima Walker here!

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