ARTISTORIES: Khailill Knight-Papaioannou
By: Lauren Bays
Media / June 28, 2019

ARTISTORIES: Khailill Knight-Papaioannou

Artistories on KXCI – June 9, 2019

Khailill Knight-Papaioannou, AKA KP – Renaissance Man

In this episode of Artistories, Khailill Knight-Papaioannou, AKA KP, talks to us about the diversity within Black American culture in Tucson, right on the heels of Juneteenth. KP is a member of the team who won the Design Thinking Challenge through University of Arizona’s Office of Student Engagement and Career Development–the client being the Arts Foundation. KP is a DJ, producer, entrepreneur, and student, among other things. We talk a little about Design Thinking and how it could be used to creatively problem solve in our community. KP also talks about representing The Dunbar Pavilion, an African American Arts and Cultural Center, at Social Venture Partner’s Fast Pitch, and about his project, BLAX, which includes a Mini-Program on KXCI. KP talks to us about some of the most remarkable interviews, including conversations about mental health and the needs of marginalized communities in Tucson.

Listen to the full Artistories Mini Program about Khailill Knight-Papaioannou here!

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