ARTISTORIES: Quiahuitl Villegas

Jun 22, 2020 | Artistories, Arts Foundation Programs

Artistories on KXCI – June 22, 2020

Quiahuitl Villegas — musician, percussionist, beat producer and DJ

Quiahuitl Villegas

In this episode of Artistories, we hear from musician, percussionist, beat producer and DJ Quiahuitl Villegas.  Quiahuitl talks about being a part of Taco SauceSonido Tambo and adapting musically in the times of COVID.  We discuss her approach to music; one that is resistant and decolonizing–ranging from the types of projects she embarks on to the genres she showcases.  Quiahuitl shares her “artistic root”–the music she grew up with as a child and also the genres she discovered as an adult, like banda and cumbia. She closes the interview with a few words of encouragement for emerging trans and LGBTQ artists and musicians in our community. This interview combines identity in relation to music, language, gender, orientation, race and ethnicity–tune in to be thoroughly inspired!

Listen to the full Artistories Mini Program about Quiahuitl Villegas here!

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