By: Lauren Bays
Media / October 18, 2020


Artistories on KXCI – October 18, 2020

Troy Neiman — Artist

Troy Neiman

In this episode of Artistories, we hear from artist Troy Neiman, who connects his childhood interests to his art today. Growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, Troy loved making art, bicycles, and found objects, which he connects to his current loves of reducing, reusing, recycling, welding, BICAS, the BICAS art auction (pieces for which are pictured above), public art and steel fabrication. We talk at length about supply chains, markets, the lives of objects, garbage and landfills, including the public art piece (pictured above) he created for the Los Reales Landfill as part of the one-percent-for-art program. Troy also gives advice to emergent local public artists. Hear all this and more!

Listen to the full Artistories Mini Program with Troy Neiman here!

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